The Miracle is You

I am nearing the completion of my 30-day trek, and thought it would be wise to actually address the purpose of this blog, this process, this commitment I’ve made to myself, and to whoever is reading.

What is a miracle?

A miracle is a shift in perception. It is a shift in our awareness from fear-based thinking to love. It is an expression of love that momentarily erases all sense of fear, doubt, worry, anger or misery. It is a gift both to the giver and the receiver. Its power is infinite and beyond all reasoning.

(based on A Course In Miracles)

The funny thing about miracles is that most of us need them. But they require our participation, our willingness. If we’re not willing, nothing on earth or in heaven can stop us from lying to ourselves. Anyone can drink themselves to death. The most belligerent will be the last to admit, “hey, I think I might need a hand”. But who hasn’t asked for a miracle, even the most skeptical, fearful, or bitter of us?

Recently I came across a situation that I deem to be a miracle.  I encountered a man who I found quite belligerent, or obnoxious, and aroused in me all of my petty judgements.  I immediately sparred with him (playfully) and told him what I thought. Until one moment when I really let him have it, and he looked quite surprised and said quite seriously:

“Wow, you make a lot of assumptions.”

That stopped me. “You know, you’re right. I do.” I asked him to tell me something about himself that I don’t know. He proceeded to tell me about a recent tragedy. It aroused pity in me (which might have been brilliant on his part, but I don’t think so – he didn’t get anything out of it – and he didn’t expect anything either; as he said, he was just enjoying himself and our company).

I saw the perfect opportunity to change my mind.  I apologized and we began an interesting dialogue. It made me feel more connected, more accountable. And it was fun!

He was teaching me as much as I thought I was teaching him.

So what is a miracle?

The moment I saw him and he saw me. The moment he held me accountable. The moment I recognized my mistake and responded differently. And the moment he got to see the real me:  vulnerable, powerful, honest (to a fault sometimes), and humble.

What I got from him was a piece of myself calling for attention; and what he got from me was a piece of himself he hadn’t heard from in years.

Now, that’s a miracle. It doesn’t mean everything’s all soft and mushy inside. Or that some angel has come dropped from the sky to make everything right (though I have bloody-well tried to demand it at times!).  It just means, for a moment, we got it. And if we didn’t get it, we will.

Come hell or high water.

I prefer to ride the high-wave!

Comments on: "Day 27: What is a Miracle? II" (9)

  1. I truly love your blog.. Excellent colors & theme.
    Did you create this amazing site yourself?
    Please reply back as I’m wanting to create my own website and would love to find out where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Many thanks!

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  3. […] Day 27: What is a Miracle? II ( […]

  4. AnitaAnswers said:

    Thank you Krista for validating that we can, and should, manifest miracles every day. This post was especially enriching because you shared your personal block to accepting a miracle encounter that ultimately changed your life.

    Many miracles happen inside of ourselves rather than like the fairy tale “acorn from the sky” external forms of recognition. Money does not miraculously drop into your bank account, lightning bolts don’t explode when you meet your new love, or other life changes do not just appear – you have to manifest these miracles which most of the time first appears on the inside.

    • Thank you Anita. Great to see another Miracle writer on wordpress. Look forward to reading more and connecting with you. I’ve added on twitter.
      Yes, I believe miracles are not something that are external to us, though we are helped in a big way by our willingness to ask for them. They do require a change of mind to receive/notice/be transformed by them.
      This post was especially humbling and powerful because I wanted to show that miracles are an everyday process of overcoming our prejudice, about ourselves and others.
      Look forward to hearing more,

  5. Anonymous said:

    Hi, Krista, I love your adapted definition of Miracle and so appreciate the reconnection with The Course. And your 30-day commitment is beautiful. In gratitude and love, Barbara

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  7. Thank you Stacey, awesome! I love when it does that (another miracle abounds!)

  8. Now that is such a difficult wave to ride Krista, and yet you did it with great humility.
    I think this is one of my favorites because it testifies to the fact that miracles are not all that inaccessible to us and are in fact present in our daily lives, if we were only present enough to acknowledge them. I love how this encounter stirred you enough to bravely release your thoughts, which in turn opened a door for him to pause and counter. But then you gently opened the door further by enquiring, “Tell me something about you that I don’t know”. And that was when the miracle happened (shift in awareness, expression of love, gift of connection). How wonderful! Loved it! This one gave me goosebumps.

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